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This instruction will show you a simple construction to use a controlled laser beam for projecting nice figures on a wall.

What does the system do ?
On the shaft of each motor a small mirror is installed. I did it with a plastic gear,

and glued the mirror to the gear. Don’t worry about making this so accurate that the mirror is perpendicular to the shaft…… final result even has to be that the mirrors wiggle a little bit.

The idea of this construction is to make these figures by giving the 3 motors a specific speed, in order to get these nice figures.

The speed of each motor is set by a potentiometer and PWM-control by the Arduino.

After finding a nice figure by “playing” with the 3 potentiometers the PWM-values -as shown with the monitor-function- can be stored in the Arduino.

By recalling a figure with a selector switches the Arduino will give the 3 motors the right speed so the figure is presented as before.”

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