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A lot of people create remote controlled cars, drones and lots more, but how often do you hear someone create a Hovercraft?

In this in instructable I’m going to show you how to create your own hovercraft that will be remotely controlled and can operate on surfaces such as:

Construction materials:

XPS foam board (width: 50 cm, length: 60 cm, thickness: 1 cm)
Flexible skirt (width: 50 cm, length: 60 cm)
Circular plastic container (diameter: 20-25 cm, height: 10-15 cm)
The base of the project will be made from the XPS foam board, the base will require these dimensions (length: 53 cm,width: 38 cm), but i suggest you to take the XPS foam board with the dimensions listed above, as the excess material will be used later on.


Hot glue gun
Soldering iron
Drill machine
Cutting Blade (Scalpel)

Electronic and the rest of components required:

Arduino Uno R3
Micro Servo 9G
Infrared Transmitter (TV remote)
Infrared Receiver
DC motor (12 V) x 2 (one of them can be taken from hair dryers as they come with propellers)
Transistors TIP120 x 2
Voltage regulators (IC7812, IC7805)
Resistors 2.2 Kilo Ohm x 2
Capacitors (100 uF x 2, 10 uF) x 2
Lithium Ion Batteries 18650 (3.7 volt, 1.5 Amp) x 6
Perfboard (10 cm x 5 cm)
Propeller (Broken helicopter RC toy) (this one will be placed to the other dc motor to make air thrust)
After you acquire all the components listed above you can start making your project. Now you have everything you need!”

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