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Controlling LEDs with regular patterns can get old. Even the best can be predictable and a little boring. But controlling them with an algorithm that can create a more organic feel is way more fun and has a nicer result.
This Instructable goes over the process of working with the noise algorithm to adjust these effects as much as you want. And of course all the files you need to make your own.

What you need to make this:

3D printer
Natural PLA
Black PLA
Arduino-style small microcontroller
Neopixel ring
M3 hex socket bolts
The microcontroller I’m using here is the Pro Trinket. But it’s a bit older and deprecated and there are many better options now to go for now. It’s just what I have. Some other small, low-cost boards that should work (but I haven’t tested):

Metro Mini
ItsyBitsy 32u4
Trinket M0
Arduino Nano Every”

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