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Did you ever get tired of cleaning the whiteboard? Have you ever wondered how much your life would improve if a robot could do this for you? You now have the chance to make this a reality with Wipy: the overly motivated whiteboard cleaner. Wipy will properly clean your embarrassingly bad drawings, and it will even do it with a cute smile. You don’t even need to activate it! It will just clean the board when you least expect it… Uhhh…cough cough…we, of course, mean: when you need it most!
- Our future friend will be able to stick to the board using magnets and is able to move through space using grippy wheels.- It will be able to follow a line and erase it using a line-following sensor and a sponge.- Wipy has the ability to measure the distance to your hand using a time-of-flight sensor.- We will give Wipy a cute personality using a small OLED screen.
The project was conducted as part of the Computational Designand Digital Fabrication seminar in the ITECH masters program.
Lasath Siriwardena, Simon Lut & Tim Stark”

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