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Yet another useless Arduino clock, but i love it.

According to Larry Wall there are three great virtues of a programmer: Laziness, Impatience and Hubris. I have all of them. Unfortunately my programs are not the treasure. So what should I do? use the Arduino. It is so small to store all my bugs within.

The neopixel ring was created by great men I believe. It is so beautiful and excellent organized inside I cannot stay aside of it. This is my first arduino project that use this ring.

The other thing is that 0.56” 4 segment indicator excellent fits to the neopixel ring with 24 LEDs.

The project has 6 different algorithms to animate the clock. They switched randomly depends of the current time. The ring led color changes randomly too.

DS3231 RTC module have a great stability and accuracy!

Updated sketch has new features:

you can tailor morning and evening times which defines the neopixel animation period;
light-mode alarm now is available in the clock. Neopixel ring is simulating sunrise during 5 minutes. The alarm has weekday scheduling. You can select several presets: once, work days, Monday through Thursday or everyday; OR you can manually setup alarm day mask (in HEX, 0-th bit is Sunday, 6-th bit is Saturday).
night-light can be lit after evening time. It is some fireplace simulation. Number of the led that are lit in this mode can be configured.”

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