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Heavy-duty and Swift movement from DC Motors with control from an IR Remote, and a fashionable mustache for the ladies.

The chassis of Centaurus is mostly made from wood except for the wheels that are made from plastic. The available buttons on the IR Remote are: forward, back, left, right, number symbol (#) starts a binary countdown, and star symbol (*) that initiates free-roam obstacle avoidance mode.

The Arduino board inside of the chassis is powered by a rechargeable battery that was extracted from an Elegoo Robot Car Kit, the link for the kit is in the lists of components above, but this is not necessary, as you can use any 12V power supply.

The name Centaurus comes from one of my favorite constellations inside the milky way galaxy. The idea was designed and programmed to be efficient with its maneuverability and precision, all while being controlled with just a tap of a button, and my favorite, the unique pattern of shifting LEDs attached.”

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