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With this cutter you can make your own spiral wraps out of left over hose pieces or cable sleeve ends.
The Spiral cutter is 3d printable. You can download the 3D model from Thingiverse:
The cable guide tube is customizable, so you can design your own cable guide diameter tube accordingto the hose to cut.
The intention is to re-use old hose or cable sleeve pieces
You already had the problem, to organize your cables and bind them together, but you didn’t have the right spiral wrap on hand ? Then this tool may be for you.

The following parts are needed to mount the ready printed parts together:

- 1 sharp Cutter knife 100 x 18 x0.5 mm
- 2 screws M4x12 - with your desired flat screw head
- 2 screws M4x16 DIN 912 (Allen screws with flat head)
- 2 Nuts M4
- 2 screws M6x8 - with your desired flat screw head - also worm screws can be used.

Tools you need for post processing the 3D printed parts:

- M4 thread tap set to cut threads into the guide tube mounting holes
- M6 thread tap set to cut the threads into the knife holder holes”

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