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This is an Arduino compatible board that contains an Atmega328 microcontroller and Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver chip STK682-010. This Hybrid IC from ON Semiconductor can deliver up to 2.5A current and it can have an input supply up to 32V DC. It has multiple micro-stepping options such as Full step, 1/2th Step, 1/4th Step, 1/8th Step, 1/16th Step, 1/32th Step, 1/64th Step, 1/128th Step. PR1 trimmer potentiometer is provided to set the decay, 3.5V Slow Decay, 1.1V to 3.1V Mixed Decay, 0.8V-1V Fast Decay, and PR2 Trimmer Potentiometer provided to set the output current. Chopping frequency set to 83.3 Khz using capacitor C5 100PF. Micro-Stepping can be set with the help of jumper J1, J2, J3. This board is by default enabled since the enable pin has a pull-up resistor, but you can provide a low signal to disable the motor driver chip. Atmega328D provides Direction pulse, Step pulse, Enable control, etc. The IC has built-in automatic half current functions to reduce the vibrations & current while the motor is in static mode. It is important to use a heatsink on the motor driver chip. Refer to the micro-stepping table to set the micro-stepping. Board requires a Motor power supply as well logic supply 5Vdc.”

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