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STK682-010-E is a stepping motor driver hybrid IC that built in ultra micro stepping controller to 1/128 step and is based on a bipolar constant-current PWM system. They support application simplification and standardization by providing a built-in 4 phase distribution stepping motor controller.

2.5A Bipolar Stepper Driver with Micro-Stepping, Current and Decay Control – Arduino Compatible

“This is an Arduino compatible board that contains an Atmega328 microcontroller and Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver chip STK682-010. This Hybrid IC from ON Semiconductor can deliver up to 2.5A current and it can have an input supply up …

2.5A 2Phase Micro-Stepping Stepper Motor Driver

“2 Phase stepping motor driver is a tiny board based on STK682-010 hybrid IC from ON semiconductor and it can deliver current up to 2.5Amp and has supply up to 32V DC. It has multiple micro-stepping: Full step …