2.5A 2Phase Micro-Stepping Stepper Motor Driver

2 Phase stepping motor driver is a tiny board based on STK682-010 hybrid IC from ON semiconductor and it can deliver current up to 2.5Amp and has supply up to 32V DC. It has multiple micro-stepping: Full step, 1/2th Step, 1/4th Step, 1/8th Step, 1/16th Step, 1/32th Step, 1/64th Step, 1/128th Step. PR1 trimmer potentiometer is provided to set the decay, 3.5V Slow Decay, 1.1V to 3.1V Mixed Decay, 0.8V-1V Fast Decay, and PR2 Trimmer Potentiometer provided to set the Current. Chopping frequency set to 83.3 KHz with the help of capacitor C5 100PF. Micro-Stepping can be set with the help of jumper J1, J2, J3. U2 provides 5V DC for logic circuit. All input signals can be feed through CN3. This board is default enabled since the enable pin has pull-up and you may short enable pin to GND to disable the board. The board required Step pulse and direction signal to operate the motor. IC has built in automatic half current functions to reduce the vibrations & current while motor is in static mode. Refer to table for Micro-Stepping setup. IC requires heat sink.”


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