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Control 8 relays with WiFI + Bluetooth + Manual Switch using ESP32 and Blynk App. Explained with circuit & source code.

In this IoT project, I have shown how to make an ESP32 WiFi Bluetooth Home Automation system with Manual Switch using Blynk App to control 8 home appliances with and without internet. If the internet is not available, then you can control the home appliances from mobile Bluetooth and manual switches. During the article, I have shown all the steps to make this smart home system.

This ESP32 control smart relay has the following features:

Control home appliances with Blynk App if WiFi is available.
Control home appliances with Bluetooth App if WiFi is not available.
Control home appliances with manual switches.
Monitor real-time feedback in the Blynk App.
Control home appliances manually without internet.”

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