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Wio Terminal: Arduino Smart Doorbell

Turn your Wio Terminal into a doorbell with automatic motion detection and remote notification capabilities!

This project builds a doorbell that automatically detects the presence of movement, then notifies you on your mobile phone wherever you are. You can also follow along with any Arduino-compatible development board.

Introduction to the Smart Doorbell Project
There are many reasons why you might want a smart doorbell over the conventional one. For example, you might have a baby in your home and you don’t want your dog to bark and wake her up every time a visitor comes by. Or, you might simply want to know when there are visitors when you aren’t home!

Whatever the case, we want our Arduino smart doorbell to be able to do two key things:

Automatically detect human presence
Discreetly notify the user of that presence
To achieve this, we will make use of passive infrared sensors to detect motion. For the IoT side of things, there are many platforms that we can use, such as Microsoft Azure IoT and Google Cloud Platform. After some experimentation, however, I’ve decided to use Blynk for this project since it is easy to set up and also provides a readily customisable mobile application interface!”

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