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In this IoT project, I have shown how to make IoT based Smart Home Automation Using Blynk & ESP32 to control an 8-channel relay module from the manual switch & smartphone using the Blynk App. If the internet is not available, then you can control the home appliances from manual switches. During the article, I have shown all the steps to make this home automation system.

This ESP32 control smart relay has the following features:
1. Control home appliances with WiFi (Blynk App)
2. Control home appliances with manual switches.
3. Monitor real-time feedback in the Blynk App.
4. Control home appliances manually without internet.

You need just an 8-channel relay module & ESP32 board to make this smart home project.

1. Relays 5v (SPDT) (8 no)
2. BC547 Transistors (8 no)
3. PC817 Optocuplors (8 no)
4. 510-ohm 0.25-watt Resistor (8 no) (R1 - R8)
5. 1k 0.25-watt Resistors (10 no) (R9 - R18)
6. LED 5-mm (10 no)
7. 1N4007 Diodes (8 no) (D1 - D8)
8. Push Buttons (8 no)
9. Terminal Connectors
10. 5V DC supply”

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