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Simple Transistor Checker

Transistors (derived from transfer resistance), are the basic building blocks of our technological world.

You may have a box full of assorted transistors or you may have them segregated by type in individual labelled draws or boxes.

In either case you may want to determine the type and/or whether it is functional or not.

Unless, you have some type of dedicated component tester you may resort to using a DMM in diode or resistance mode unless a transistor test mode is provided.

However, if you have a large number of assorted transistors, purchased as a mixed bag or had your carefully labelled boxes end up as an unintentional mixed bag using a DMM with basic functions can be a long process.

Have only a DMM with basic functions than the following simple transistor checker will complement your tool set.

- Stripboard.
- Suitable box - L105mm X W90mm x H35mm
- CD4093
- 1uF/16V Electrolytic Capacitor.
- 10uF/16V Electrolytic Capacitor.
- 10nF Ceramic Capacitor.
- 100kR/125mW resistor.
- 68kR/125mW resistor.
- 1kR/125mW resistor.
- 220R/125mW resistor - Qty 2
- 5mm Red LED low current
- 5mm Green LED low current
- BS270 NFET - Qty 2
- 14 pin DIP IC Socket.
- SIL header strip.
- 18 AWG Tinned copper wire
- SPDT (ON-OFF-ON) switch.
- 3 pin Transistor socket - Qty 2
- 6mm drill bit
- 5mm drill bit
- 2mm drill bit”

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