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Make a Wio Terminal store all your passwords and have it type them for you into any services. With master key, encryption, and search.

This sketch for the Seeed Wio Terminal (affiliate link) reads a list of encrypted passwords from a file “/crypted.txt” on the SD card and displays them on the screen of a Wio Terminal.

Once you have unlocked the software by keying in your master passcode, you can select an entry from the list by filtering and browsing with the 5-way joystick of the Wio Terminal. A password entry is selected by pressing the 5-way joystick.

The password is then typed to your computer by emulating a keyboard. This works for Windows, macOS, Linux, RaspberryPi and even on iPads.

You switch between filter and list views by pressing the leftmost button.

The passwords are stored encrypted with the XXTEA algorithm. A simple python script is provided to create a file with encrypted passwords.”

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