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2x 48V 5A Bench Top Power Supply

This is a tutorial for assembling a bench top power supply. Don’t expect any electronics development or lots of soldering, I just ordered some parts from AliExpress and put them in a box.
Please beware that I made some small adjustments on the published design so pictures might deviate slightly from what you’ll be building.
1x 10.5A 48V SMPS
2x DC DPS5005 step-down converter
1x IEC320 fused female power socket (AC-17)
2x chassis mounted terminal blocks
4x female banana plug
1x 12V 50x50mm quiet fan
1x 50x50mm finger guard
1x 45C thermostat switch
4x rubber feet
Some M4 fasteners, some wagos, some wire and some faston terminals”

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