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Plant translator

Using Wio terminal and sensors.

New inspiration
I’ve been using some of my spare time to design boards, testing garden and weareable electronics and testing things I had in my lab, in order to slowly have fun again with my electronics.

Wio Terminal
Before going further I’d like to start with Wio Terminal. The nice people of seeed sent me a Wio Terminal to test it out, although at the moment the resources weren’t as nice as now and the implementation with Arduino, my main and favourite IDE, didn’t work very well and needed a few hours to get an example running, which frustrated me (The port kept messing up, the uploading therefore failed, etc) but I didn’t want to write with su little testing. Last couple of months, though, they launched some veeery nice libraries and configuration files for Arduino, so now it works like a charm! I found myself very happy to have the opportunity of testing it again.”

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