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Pyramid Levitation System - How it works:
The Pyramid Levitator uses two Piezo ultrasonic transmitting speakers pointing towards each other. The opposing beams of 40kHz sound waves create what’s called standing waves and pressure nodes. Small items will levitate at those pressure nodes due to the acoustic radiation pressure. Acoustic radiation pressure is the physical pressure that a sound wave can exert on a surface, in this case balancing the pull of gravity and causing levitation.
In the picture is a piece of styrofoam being levitated.
The Pyramid has an LED on top that slowly changes colors and illuminates the floating objects.There are no magnets, just ultrasonic sound to do the levitating.
There are only a few main components to the simple design. You just need to connect and/or solder those main components together and install them inside the 3D printed case.
The Pyramid is Micro-USB powered using your phone charger or computer.
Turn on and off the Pyramid by pressing the big power button in front. Then just slip a small item between the speakers and levitate!
Parts needed:
M2 x locking nut x 7
M2 x 12 bolt (phillips) x 6
18 gauge wire x 1 foot
LED - multi color x 1
Micro-usb module x 1
LN298N amp x 1
Frequency Generator x 1
40khz Piezo element x 2 Transmit “T” only, not the Receive or “R” marked ones.
power switch x 1
wire 22 gauge x 40 inches - Referenced as “wire”. When split, will reference as “single wire”
Micro-USB cable x 1
Bottom Case Screws x 5
Micro-USB screw x 1
FG to Amp pin connectors x 2
Supplies:Tools you will need:
Soldering iron.
Solder. Suggested - 22 Gauge, Sn63/Pb37, Ra Flux.
Small phillips screw driver and T-5 torx bit.
Small 4mm nut driver.
Wire cutters/strippers -
Hemostats are very helpful to hold one 4mm nut that’s in a tight corner.”

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