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A Simple 3D Printed Robot

Allow me to date myself. I grew up with erector sets and then LEGO. Later in life, I used 8020 to build prototypes types of systems I designed. There were usually scrap pieces around the house that my children used as their version of an erector set. The greatest thing about both of those building systems was that they were highly reusable. By breaking apart bricks or unscrewing some bolts, you could be off building somthing new in a couple of minutes.
When my children started to build robot kits, I noticed somthing sad, our robot graveyard was getting larger by the year. The kids would build a kit, learn the lession and be done with the robot. They would occasionally scavenge the graveyard for parts, but for the most part the bulks of the kits just sat. It became obvious that the kits were good at teaching a single task, but you could not easily break the kit down and reconfigure it to a new or different task.
There a a lot of simple robot designs out there. This one is mostly 3D printed and used a raspberry pi.
The idea is to produce a rapid prototype of a robot.

- An 8020 Series 10 bumper for the Raspberry Pi 4 with a proto board
- Prototype Smooth Beams Large Holes
- TT Motor mount for 8020 Series 10 extrusions
- Adafruit CRICKIT HAT for Raspberry Pi
- DC Gearbox Motor - “TT Motor”
- Orange and Clear TT Motor Wheel for TT DC Gearbox Motor”

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