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Program 6 ATtiny85/13A at the same time with this custom programmer board.

Attiny MCUs are very popular as it is quite easy to program them and using them instead of atmega328 chip can reduce the cost of the overall project which requires less input/outputs.

so what’s the next level of this above project?

Designing a Programming Shield

I designed this nano breakout board in OrCad Cadance, it has four LEDs (3 of them are connected to D7 D8 and D9 for ICSP programming status, and the fourth one is connected to D11 or D0 of attiny in case we need to test attiny onboard)

We just need the following things for this project-

Arduino nano x1
DIP8 Sockets x6
1uf 10V CAP x1
male headers 28 to be exact
LEDs 0603 package x4
1K Resistor 0805 package x2
3D printed enclosure
attiny85 x6”

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