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You can now stream video from ESP32 devices to multiple clients, including previously problematic VLC and Blynk video widget.

I use Blynk IoT platform a lot. When one of my projects required a video stream I was very pleased to discover there is a video widget included with the Blynk App builder.

I was planning to use ESP32-CAM or ESP32-EYE module to stream video, only to discover that Blynk widget does not display a video stream from any of the Espressif’s examples, due to, as I discovered, “chunked” HTTP response.

Neither Blynk widget, not VLC (one of my favorite players) like chunked streams.

I knew for a fact that the GStreamer app can stream to VLC and Blynk widget, so I set off exploring how to get rid of chunks.

The result is an MJPEG Streaming Server sketch, closely mirroring what GStreamer is doing, which makes video stream work in VLC:”

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