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NeckLight : a PCB Necklace for Humans and Dogs

Hello everyone, this project is my first Instructables so I will try to do my best.

In this project, I will explain you how I managed to create this PCB necklace that glows in the dark ! To be honest, this is the perfect project if you want to learn about the surface-mount electronics assembly process.

First of all, let me tell you that it was inspired from this project : made by jiripraus so please, have a look ! When I first tried doing his project I failed terribly and I told myself “Why not use a PCB instead of using straight brass rods ?” So… TADAM this project came to my mind !!!

The initial goal of this project was to make a custom gift to my girlfriend.

On the 3rd picture, you can also see my dog, his name is Baba and I think he is wearing this necklace perfectly ^^ (He looks a little bit like Tony Stark, don’t you think ?)

1x Custom PCB
5 PCB for 2€
6x Multicolors SMD 1206 Led
6x SMD 0805 Resistor (a SMD resistor sample book will be your best friend in a lot of projects)
1x CR2032 battery
1x CR2032 battery holder
1x A string for the necklace

Required tools
A soldering iron
Soldering tin

Optional tools
Soldering flux
A vice or a 3rd hand
Acétone and an old toothbrush to clean the PCB

Link to article