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In this period of isolation, I’m trying to build an oximeter with parts already in house. An oximeter is made by two leds and a photodiode.

I’d like to measure the O2 saturation level (%) in my blood with an homemade oximeter. I’m not an expert of medical knowledge, so I’m sure that this project hasn’t any diagnostic value. It’s just an educational project to study how it works.

I’ve defined these 5 sections:

1) Oxygen saturation and Covid-19
2) How does an heartbeat sensor work
3) Measuring heartbeat by finding the peaks of the value from the sensor
4) Modify the KY-039 heartbeat sensor to find the oxygen saturation
5) How is measured saturation
1) Oxygen saturation and Covid-19
In this incredible period of our life we’ve learned a lot of things about viruses, lungs, surgical masks, soap and washing hands. Everybody read about symptoms like coughing, fever and breathing difficulties. We’ve also known that one way to measure this breathing difficulty is reading the amount of oxygen in our blood.

This measure can be read indirectly with a medical device called oximeter. You have probably already seen it, it’s a non invasive device that is placed on a finger with some pulsating lights that do the work.”

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