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How to Construct a Mini USB Arduino

According to information from the official Instagram of the Arduino company, there are approximately 30 million active users of the platform. All of them are spread all over the world.
With this large number, we realize how much the platform has great influence and use by many people.
One of the factors driving the platform’s rapid growth is why it is open-source and open-hardware, meaning anyone can create their own Arduino.
Thus, with a wide variety of boards in the world market, Arduino has become popular and continues to reach more and more people daily. With this possibility of creating new cards, we present the Mini USB Arduino.
It is a small Arduino, which was developed using an ATtiny85 chip. For this project you’ll need:
01 x PCBWay Custom PCB
02 x 1N4729 Zener Diode
02 x 68R Resistor
01 x 1k5R Resistor
01 x 100nF Capacitor Electrolytic
01 x LED 5mm
01 x Eletrolytic Capacitor 10nF
01 x Header Pin
01 x 1kR Resistor
01 x 1N4148 Diode
01 x Attiny85 Microcontroller
In this article, we will release the downloadable files and leave them in our PCBWay repository.”

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