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Cryptic Wall Clock

The passage of time is something we cannot control. It happens at the same rate if we are sleeping, awake, bored, or engaged. With current events, it’s important to remember time will pass. While we are waiting for time to pass, why not make something that makes the passage of time more appealing to watch.
This clock was inspired by the Mengenlehreuhr found in Berlin, Germany and can be read in the same manner. Just like the original, it tells the time by means of illuminated, colored fields.
It features 96 LED’s that light up 52 ‘digit’ regions. Unlike the original, it features a circular design that includes a seconds ring, instead of a horizontal bar layout. The outer band indicates seconds in conjunction with the middle dot, the next two bands indicate minutes, with the final inner bands indicating hours.
If you have some scrap material and extra time on your hands, why not use this time to make something that will show it!
There are a few changes I would make to this project if I were to make it again. First, I would paint the frame and LED board white instead of black. This would reflect more light through the large lens in the front. I would also wait until the end to insert the LED’s. I needed the board to be finished earlier so it could help me with writing the code. With that out of the way, let’s first learn how to read it!”

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