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Hi! Are you a space enthusiast? If yes then hi-fi! I love space and astronomy. Obviously I’m no astronaut to go up there and have a closer look at the universe. But every time I find out that a person from earth has traveled to the sky, I get inspired to explore more. If you’re like me, then here’s something that will keep you inspired all the time.
Presenting, Cosmo Clock! It’s a clock that can show the time! Yeah, I know, there’s nothing special in that. But the special feature is in its glowing ring. It changes color every time an astronaut enters space! How cool is that? Just imagine you have this clock next to your desk everyday and one morning you wake up to see its color changed. You will instantly know that another person just went up there!
What’s more? The glowing ring isn’t broken just to make it look cool. It’s a Morse code! What does it say? Well, I’ll let you figure that out ;)
Guess what? It’s pretty easy to build. So let’s get making!

Nodemcu (esp8266)
Female - Female jumper wires
1x Commom cathode RGB LED
Enclosure for the clock (can be 3D printed)
Clock module
5v USB power supply”

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