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M5Stack Alarm Panel with RFID - MQTT to Home Assistant

Hello, I created an alarm panel controlled by RFID, based on a M5Stack with RFID face. Communication is done via secure MQTT over WiFi.

M5Stack alarm panel with RFID face to control Home Assistant MQTT alarm panel

This M5Stack Alarm panel uses RFID to disarm the alarm and buttons to arm (away or home) the alarm system.

Communication to Home Assistant is done via MQTT (TLS with authentication). The M5Stack alarm panel is build to be used in combination with the Home Assistant MQTT Alarm Panel

It uses a M5Stack Core , a M5Stack baseplate and a M5Stack RFID Face

This code uses a secured authenticated TLS connection to an MQTT server. My MQTT broker is secured using a Lets Encrypt certificate. So the Lets encrypted CA is added to the code to verify the validity of the MQTT broker certificate.

So the communication is secured by WPA2, TLS and UserID/password. That should be sufficient for us ordinary people. But bear in mind that it is relative easy to clone an existing RFID token:”

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