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Having a fascination that borders on obsession with light I decided to create a selection of small modular PCBs that could be used to create RGB light displays of any size. Having made the modular PCB I stumbled on the idea of arranging them into a hexagon to create a 3D display that could be used to create anything from a simple bedroom night light to a mood light that would not be too out of place sat on a table in a high end restaurant.
Of course other shapes could also be created using the same principals.
Here are some of the animations currently running on the light.
Fire Rain Snake (Retro) Game Of Life Waveform Oscillations Lighthouse Spinning Patterns (Barber Shop)The light is currently created in two sizes - Small (96 LEDs) and Large (384 LEDs) but this can be scaled up as required.
WS2812B LEDs - AliExpress
3mm Black Laser Cut Plastic - Plastic Sheet Supplier
White 3D Print Filament - Amazon
Electronic Components - Farnell / Newark
M3 Bolts and Threaded Spacers - Amazon
Soldering Iron
Toaster Oven - Surface mount component assembly”

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