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Struggling to place neat rows of dominos, check this cool thing, a robot that lays Dominos and also controlled by Alexa.

Voice commands is the future and integrating voice into all smart devices is need of the day. We have noticed our son watching videos of domino’s tumbling to reveal amazing patterns but as a small kid not having patience and dexterity to lay domino’s in neat rows. So we decide to build a robot that can perform this task. Our project aims to simplify the task of laying domino’s.

We have a created a robot that harnesses the power of AI via Voice User Interface - VUI of Alexa and a popular Robotics platform ie LEGO Mind storms to build a Domino laying robot that installs Domino’s in neat lines.

Laying large quantities of Domino’s is a tough and skillful task that is difficult to master and very few people in the world are able create the amazing layouts of domino’s tumbling.

Lego robotics kits ability to use various pieces to create a contraption that can be used to create machines/ robots as per once wish is amazing. And to couple it with the power of AI in Alexa adds an additional useful dimension. We have tried to solve the problem of laying Domino’s in lines by creating a Lego robot that can be commanded by Alexa to lay Domino’s as per your wish to create intricate designs.

The layout includes a basic LEGO robot assembly known as the education robot to which we have attached the domino laying contraption.The education robot is powered by the EV3 brick and attached two large motors power the two wheels. This contraption is powered by one medium motor that pushes the domino’s one by one. It also has one colour sensor to detect empty hopper and stop the movement of the robot.

The LEGO robot needs to be powered on connected to the ALEXA.”

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