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If Apple made a car, would it have Windows? We don’t know, but we know this Instructable is wheely cool! ;) Hello Guys! We are Mary and Rain, two students in Ms. Berbawy’s Robotics class at Irvington High School. This Instructable is for our SIDE project in this class. In this project, we took a car built for the Science Olympiad Division C Electric Vehicle build event and modified it into an RC car that can be controlled via a phone application and take pictures/videos like a land drone. Although we also built the car ourselves and will show you the general steps of how it was done, this Instructable is more focused on the controller and electronics aspect, which we hope can be implemented to your own car designs (better than ours?). We hope you enjoy this Instructable and feel free to give any suggestions as it is our first Instructable! :)”

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