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Control this robot car from anywhere in world using internet via Google Assistant or Webapp

As soon as I started learning from Bolt IOT course, my interest in IOT started developing rapidly. One day while surfing youtube, I saw a video on arduino board. I decided to explore more in IOT field using arduino. From there I decided to make a robot car using arduino.

Stage One: Project Idea
I was sitting and thinking that how to make my car more cool. Here comes idea in my mind that what if I do something and we can control this car wirelessly.
Here come an idea that BOLT IOT will help me making this project. I decided to make this.

Stage Two: Mountain of Hardware
Next step is to collect and purchase hardware required to make my car cool. Searching online helped me to collect hardware easily.
Through lot of distractions, I finally purchased some of hardware online and some from local hardware shop.”

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