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Wire bending CNC machine with precision to make springs!

Well, this machine is not only about making springs. It is a wire bending machine capable of bending 0.8/0.9/1 mm wire into any 2D shape. But yeah, the coolest thing I was able to make with it so far was the spring. How cool is that?

The main goal was to make it quite precise. Other DIY wire bending machines are not very precise and their bends tend to have quite a big radius. I like to work with nice sharp bends!

The second goal was to make it as easy to build as possible with commonly available parts and components. All the structural parts are 3D-printed and all the metal parts are available in most of the hardware stores.

Why I build this? Check out my other creations. I am a passionate free-form electronic circuits artist and this awesome machine will ease my job when doing repetitive tasks or when there are a need identical parts.

I’ve tried to record the whole build to help you understand it. It’s always better to see the build in action. Continue with steps below to collect all the material and start building step by step!”

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