So this will be my first instructable, and I’m sure I’ll need to update things as I find issues with it. I’ll try and fix things as time allows and with feedback. Thanks!
All the information I found searching for steppers and micro stepping was either too basic, or went into so much detail my eyes glossed over after a few pages. This is the result of my own take on steppers and micro stepping.
I’ve put together a simple Nema17 Stepper Motor setup that will demonstrate micro stepping and explain just a bit how things work and some sample code to see it in action.
Oddly enough my enjoyment comes from finding out how things work more than actually using them to build something :) ya I know, Weird! Anyway, here’s a little something I came up with to satisfy my curiosity about steppers and micro stepping. The code is a bit over commented, but I wanted to try and answer any questions that may arise while looking it over. There’s tons more to be learned but this should help get you started on your journey.
Code was written for an Arduino Nano, a DRV8825 stepper driver board and a Nema17 stepper motor (17HS4401S). It was also compiled and tested on an UNO R3 and a MEGA2650 R3. Hope this helps someone in a project or maybe just wants to know how your 3D printer or maybe CNC actually does those really smooth moves. Free to use in anyway you like.
Lets get started!”


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