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If you follow my Instructables projects you know that I am a big fan of the JAL programming language in combination with the PIC Microcontroller. JAL is a Pascal like programming language developed for the 8-bit PIC microcontrollers of Microchip. Most people know the Arduino using the ATMEL microcontroller. One of the nice things of an Arduino board is that you can program the microcontroller without the need of a separate programmer.
This absence of the need for a programmer brought me to this project. I wanted to make an Arduino Uno like board for the PIC microcontroller developing the software for that board with in the JAL programming language. The board did not need to have the exact size of the Arduino Uno board but the connectors on the board should have where possible the same connections as the connections of an Arduino Uno. And so the JALPIC One development board was born.”

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