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I want to start by saying that I am not a professional, I dont have any degrees in electronics. I simply enjoy working with my hands and figuring things out. I say that to be encouraging to all you nonprofessionals like me. You have the ability to do anything like this, all it takes is patience and research! My research was done through this website and YouTube.
I have seen LED matrix’s before like this one on Youtube

and it sparked such excitement for me that I started thinking I can make something like that. I made my first LED matrix as a demo following an instuctables tutorial three years ago. Every time I looked at it I thought, I want to go bigger! My wife and I live in the Amazon basin of Ecuador but we had to temporarily relocate to city that’s a little bit larger when my wife was going to give birth to our son. While living and working here we found out about Night to Shine.
Night to Shine is a special night dedicated to people that are physically or mentally disabled. Im not trying to promote for this event, but it was something that I believed in and wanted to help support in anyway that I could. I built a LED wall stage backdrop to be something that added excitement to that night for these special guest attending the event.”

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