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I needed some better lighting for my videos. So I figured I would take the opportunity to make my own. The goal is to have two panels one on either side of the camera so that the lighting is more even and I have more options for filming and cool lighting effects.

I think this is to just be the first part of this project, but as Zack Freedman once said “if it works its finished,” or something like that, so I figured I would share it with all of you. Right now, the panels are controlled over WiFi. I have 4 preset colors, feel free to add, modify, or expand on this project.

Let me know if you have questions or any suggestions moving forward.


- ESP32
- 8x8 Addressable LED Panel
- 3/8” Dowel
- Case
- Wire
- Solder
- Hardware
- (4)M3x18
- (3)M3x8
- (8)M3x6

- Hot Glue
- Super Glue


- Soldering Iron
- 3D printer
- USB Cable
- Wire Strippers
- Wire Cutters
- Pliers”

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