In this project we want to make an automatic irrigation system with Arduino.

Have you everwanted beautiful plants in your garden?

L’A.I.S, acronymof Arduino Irrigation System, can irrigate the plants in your home at defineenvironmental condition, because you mustn’t irrigate their whenever you want.

When the environmentalconditions are correct, and is the correct hour, l’ A.I.S will irrigate.

We made it intwo distinct parts: the “brain”, that control the system, and the irrigationpart, that irrigate the plants.

The brain
The brain was made with the school’s laser cutter, and the 6 mm plywood.

First, wethought how we could made the tank for Arduino and the sensors, we decided to makeit with dovetail, after we drew it with AutoCAD Mechanical, we exported thefile and we cut it.

Weassembled it and we paste with Vinavil, after that we made all the electricpart.”


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