Obstacle detection glasses for the visually impaired using ultrasonic sensors and a binaural soundscape environment The urban environment is a very difficult place to navigate and orientate yourself through, especially if you are a visually impaired person trying to live your life. That is why I have tried to come up with a technological solution that will help blind people know of their surrounding obstacles in an unknown environment without the help of a walking stick or a guide dog. Further from having a basic Arduino integrated system through the help of a pair of ultrasonic sensors (HC-SR-04) connected through bluetooth (HC-05, HC-06) , I want to also add some sort of GPS or RFID mapping system to the portable device which will allow the blind user to track themselves of where they are currently through a voice-activated agent. It will allow for family or relatives of the blind user to also track them of where they are through an app on their smartphone. That is what I am trying to achieve by the end of this project.”


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