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What about using a remote controlled robot for exploring your surroundings, reaching inaccessible places, spying, take pictures, making films or broadcasting a video? This tutorial will show you how to make an inexpensible for all those purposes! This instructable is an improvement of my previous tutorial (, in which I present a faster home-made robot. It shows how to design a remotely controlled two-wheeled robot over a Wi-Fi network, using two DC motors, an Arduino Uno and an ESP8266 Wi-fi module. The robot can be controlled from an ordinary internet browser, using a HTML designed interface. An Android smartphone might de used to broadcast video and audio from the robot to the control interface. As in my previous tutorial, I show how to desing and build a low-cost frame for a robotic project, using just ordinary tools (no 3D printer, laser cutter or CNC router needed). One might notice that the components used here might not be optimised for its purpose. A NodeMCU might be used instead of the Arduino + ESP8266 combination, for instance. A Rapsberry Pi with a camera would replace the smartphone and controll the motors as well. It’s even possible to use an Android smartphone as the “brain” for your robot. That’s true…”

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