IoT (internet of things) environment monitor based on Esp8266 (NodeMCU), Arduino, Jquery, Django REST, Fritzing, the third industrial revolution, and the Hammond 1551k project box. Designed in Colorado by Object Syndicate. ioTank captures real time (every 300ms) sensor readings for temperature, humidity, and light. It plots them on an animated graph which can be read on any HTML5/JavaScript compatible browser (so any smart phone and all modern PCs/macs). This is done by visiting its IP address in the browser. It does this with its own on-board WiFi micro-controller. Since it is WiFi enabled it will connect to a router or a device using Internet sharing. You do need a PC/Mac (soon android) to set the device’s WiFi SSID/password. Once the SSID/pass is set up it will operate autonomously and will connect to the access point and act like any other WiFi device. IoTank is designed to store it’s info every 5 minutes within internal flash memory for 3 days and send it to the cloud for long term storage and big data processing. We currently provide 1 SaaS for cloud storage, which is geared for reptile owners. We will be releasing a generic cloud storage product for ioTank soon. You are also free to build your own using Django REST or other web languages.”


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