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I want to talk about the global pandemic that’s underway and how we can solve it together. It’s a major health challenge and yet just a few people are talking about it. However, it kills seven million people worldwide every year. It attacks our breath, our health, it undermines our well-being, it affects all of us, every single one of us, it’s all around us and yet because we don’t see it, we choose to ignore it.” (Source : Did you never ask yourself, why have you often some headache, sore throat, stinging eyes and respiration problems? And why people talk so often about lung cancer? Our project is developed around the cause of all these problems à Air pollution. Think about this breathing air above our streets of our cities, of our work spaces, and of our homes. The air quality of everywhere we are can become dangerous if we ignore it. Now it’s time to talk about it and find a way to solve it together.”

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