PS3 Combo Shotter Arduino hack

This is a modified PS3 sixaxis clone controller in which, 8 external buttons added to cammand Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V to trigger 8 different series of buttons. one after another. This code series are hard coded to an array in Arduino program. Declaimer: Learning is the purpose of this Instructable, I am not responsible for how it will be use in open source community. PS3 controller works with one cell battery so it can power Arduino pro mini and surrounding components. Arduino 8 inputs coming from 2 x 4 buttons under-ness of controller. keypad.h has been used so 2 + 4 pins will be used not 8. Arduino 8 outpouts going to 4 x LTV-862 Optocouplers with appropriate resistors so they are isolated not worry about voltage level. there are 2 pins for future use buttonPin (IN) and buzzerPin (OUT) can be use to add more inputs. The red dip switch will connect VCC and GND to the board, easily make 8 small 0.5mm holes to pass its 8 pins from outside of enclosure to inside for soldering.”


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