3d Printed Arduino Tank

The purpose was to familiarize ourselves with remote controlled things and working on something that we like. Richard is a big fan of trucks and tanks and that was pretty much our main source of inspiration. We wanted to make a tank that do not shoot anything in order to meet the requirement of school laws. The project consist of a tank with a 3D printed body and other parts such as supports and gears to give it a look that we like instead of buying an ordinary body and electronics (Arduino and dual gear motor) that are basically what makes the tank function all together with a 9v battery used to power it. Because of past experiences with programming remote controlled things, we decided to make the tank an object avoiding vehicle. Initially, we wanted to make a ramp that would be controlled by the arduino but the shipping of the parts necessary to make that possible were cancelled for some reason so we decided not to include it in our project.”


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