Low-Cost, Arduino-Compatible Drawing Robot

I designed this project for a 10-hour workshop for ChickTech.org whose goal is to introduce teenage women to STEM topics. The goals for this project were: Easy to build; Easy to program. Did something interesting. Low-cost so participants could take it home and continue to learn. With those goals in mind, here were a couple of the design choices: Arduino compatible for ease of programming. 4xAA battery power for cost and availability. Stepper motors for accurate motion. 3D Printed for ease of customization. Pen plotting with Turtle graphics for interesting output. Open Source so you could make one of your own! Here is the robot that came closest to what I wanted to do: http://mirobot.io. I don’t have a laser cutter and shipping from England was prohibitive. I do have a 3D printer, so I guess you can see where this is going …”


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