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The CD4071 is a Dual Input OR Gate with Quad package. Meaning it has four OR gate IC inside it, each of which can be utilized independently. AND gates are used in building Logic level circuits like Encoder, Decoder multiplexers etc. Logic level gates like CD4071 and flip-flops play a vital role in digital electronics.

Project  CMOS Clock

CMOS Clock

“Introduction I’ve recently become interested in clock projects, and it seemed appropriate to start by building the essential digital clock assembled from logic chips. Although clock projects exactly like this have been around for the best part of 50 …

How to Build Your Own Discrete 4-Bit ALU

“Believe it or not, computers existed before microcontrollers and CPUs were around. They used to be built using discrete parts including simple ICs and transistors. CPUs are arguably the center of modern electronics, whether it be a mobile device or …