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CD4070 contains four independent Exclusive OR gates.

Microbit Function Generator

“A Function generator producing sine, sawtooth and pulses up to 1MHz using a Microbit, custom PCB and 3d printed box. This project is an enhancement to an earlier project previously published: Microbit Pulse Generator - Variable Ranges The enhancements are a …

Project  Battledip


“This project is a good introduction to digital logic circuits as it will utilize basic concepts of Boolean logic and memory in circuits. You will be using chips such as a Dual D-Type Flip Flop, Quad 2-input XNOR gate, and …

How to Build Your Own Discrete 4-Bit ALU

“Believe it or not, computers existed before microcontrollers and CPUs were around. They used to be built using discrete parts including simple ICs and transistors. CPUs are arguably the center of modern electronics, whether it be a mobile device or …