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The IC 74LS74 belongs to a sort of dual D-type positive edge triggered flip flops, with Preset, clear and complementary outputs. It features large operating voltage range, wide operating conditions, and outputs directly interface to CMOS, NMOS and TTL. A LOW logic level on the preset or clear inputs will set or reset the outputs regardless of the logic levels of the other inputs.

Build an 8-bit Microcontroller - Part I.

“My Instructables were mostly about MCU-related projects until now, this one will be no different, only this time around we will build the microcontroller ourselves. It’s going to be a bigger project and so it will be divided …

Vectron VGA Plus

“Vectron VGA Plus is a VGA graphics adapter that can interface with retro computers or microcontrollers. How It Works I previously built a massive 7400-logic based VGA generator called Vectron VGA. While it was a nice project to build, it …

Dot Jump Game (without Using Arduino)

“Hi there! I am Shivansh, a student at IIIT-Hyderabad. I am here with my first instructable which is a game inspired from Google Chrome’s Dinosaur Jump game. The game is simple: Jump across incoming obstacles in order to …

Project  Battledip


“This project is a good introduction to digital logic circuits as it will utilize basic concepts of Boolean logic and memory in circuits. You will be using chips such as a Dual D-Type Flip Flop, Quad 2-input XNOR gate, and …

DIY Motion-Activated Sink: How to Make an IR-Controlled Tap

“Despite sinks being critical to hygiene, manual taps are still pretty nasty and so newer “automatic” sinks are used in many public spaces. In this DIY Hacking project, we will create a simple IR water dispenser!”