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The SN54/74LS682, 684, 688 are 8-bit magnitude comparators. These device types are designed to perform comparisons between two eight-bit binary or BCD words. All device types provide P = Q outputs and the LS682 and LS684 have P>Q outputs also. The LS682, LS684 and LS688 are totem pole devices. The LS682 has a 20 kΩ pullup resistor on the Q inputs for analog or switch data.

Vectron VGA Plus v2

“Vectron VGA Plus v2 generates a 640x480@60Hz VGA signal and has an interface that works with retro computers or Arduino. How It Works Vectron VGA Plus v2 is an improvement on the earlier design. The key to the simplified …

Vectron VGA Plus

“Vectron VGA Plus is a VGA graphics adapter that can interface with retro computers or microcontrollers. How It Works I previously built a massive 7400-logic based VGA generator called Vectron VGA. While it was a nice project to build, it …