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The 74HC02; 74HCT02 is a quad 2-input NOR gate. Inputs include clamp diodes. This enables the use of current limiting resistors to interface inputs to voltages in excess of VCC.

MK1 8bit Computer

“The MK1 CPU is composed of several modules, all connected trough a common 8-bit BUS, the status of each module is shown by dedicated LEDs. The clock module is designed to allow step-by-step execution; in automatic mode the clock speed …

IC Egg Timer

“This project demonstrates the basics of digital logic, the characteristics of a NE555 timer, and demonstrates how binary numbers are counted. The components used are: a NE555 timer, a 12-bit ripple counter, two 2-input NOR gates, a 4-input AND gate …

Project  The PotLock

The PotLock

“this is a 3 digit combination lock with potentiometers, logic gates and differential comparators”

VXO based PLL Frequency Synthesizer for 7 MHz

“In EMRFD, 4.10, Wes provides the schema for a versatile VXO - extending frequency synthesizer. Although, I referred him to Wes for help, a reader asked me some questions and I ended up designing some pieces for him. In order …