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Hello everyone, today I will tell you about how I assembled an arduino robot that plays music on wine glasses.

And so, let’s take everything in order. To implement the project, I will need: wine glasses, a stepper motor, a car relay, a4988 stepper motor driver - an arduino nano will manage the whole thing.

You can write the melody yourself or find a ready-made one on the musicboxmaniacs website. If you use a ready-made melody, then first you need to remove polyphony from it - this means that there should not be more than one note in one musical measure. After that, transfer it manually in the following order: the lowest note has a value of 0, and so on up to the highest. I have only 7 glasses at my disposal, which means that there should not be more than 7 notes. For simple melodies this will be enough. And there is also an empty bar - its value in the array is 255. The sound of the glasses is adjusted to the desired note with the help of water. To lower the tone, you need to add water to it. For fine tuning, you can use the Piano Tuner smartphone app from play Google.”

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